Public Sector

Holt Communications specializes in providing exceptional services to government agencies and consulting firms involved in transportation and infrastructure projects. We provide multilingual public involvement and community outreach services throughout the Project Development and Environment (PD&E) Study, design and construction process.

Not only do our clients depend on our expertise, but also on our zealous drive to combine public relations, advertising and marketing strategies with traditional public involvement techniques. This integration of multiple communications disciplines ultimately improves the public’s level of knowledge, comfort, and acceptance of projects affecting their community.

Our corporate philosophy is that proactive, effective communications lead to great partnerships. We develop partnerships with each client we represent and each community we touch, to engage in a true and trustworthy dialogue. A partnership with both the client and the community ensures that residents are a positive part of the projects in the neighborhoods that they live in and work in every day.

Our services include:
Government Relations

– We provide elected officials and community leaders with comprehensive information on the project status and how it will improve the lives of their constituencies.


– We develop strategically targeted campaigns and materials to effectively communicate your message.

Media Relations

– We work closely with journalists to provide accurate and timely information that is important to their audiences.

Public Involvement / Community Outreach

– We engage in meaningful dialogue with the community as its partner for improvements.

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