Private Sector

We’ve trained our clients to “meet the press” and have taken them on editorial board visits. We’ve written speeches, articles, op-ed pieces, annual reports and special newspaper sections on their behalf. We’ve briefed elected officials and worked hand-in-hand with community groups—in other words, we’ve done it all.

Our team has designed web sites, produced videos, commercials, and marketing campaigns stood both in-front-of and behind the camera and planned world class events. Through it all, one principle remains clear: by properly demonstrating our clients’ strengths, we help increase their value – be that the bottom line or public perception.

A well-executed communications program can help strengthen your company’s position in the marketplace, position your senior executives as leading experts in your industry and influence public opinion about your cause or initiative.

Our services include:

Media Relations

– We know what motivates the media. We work closely with each client to develop the stories that journalists will find newsworthy.


– We develop strategically targeted programs and materials to effectively promote your message.

Employee Relations

– We develop internal newsletters and intranets to ensure that corporate leadership and staff are reading from the same page.

Media Training

– We prepare your organization’s spokespersons with the right answers and techniques to effectively deliver your message to the media.

Special Events

– From corporate anniversaries to trade shows, we plan and execute creative special events and corporate functions.

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